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If you are always worried, you should read this!

I wake up tired, I feel tense or stiff, I can’t stop worrying, I feel overwhelmed and my head is going to explode, I feel nervous and restless and I suffer from insomnia. Does it sound familiar to you? Fran Ballesteros, pharmacist and Vitae educator tells us about the reasons why we lose our balance […]

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10 healthy New Year´s resolutions

We are about to enter the new year and with it new challenges and resolutions. The Vitae team, wishes this year to be full of happiness and personal growth for everyone. A year of well-being and tranquillity. Make this year all about taking care of yourself inside and out, cultivating peace and serenity, that’s why […]

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We know how to decrease (or completely eliminate) your cholesterol naturally

Cholesterol is one of those issues that concern a large part of the population, in fact, according to a study by the Spanish Society of Cardiology, 20% of the Spanish population over 18 has a cholesterol level higher than 250 mg/dl, which represents a very high value. What does this mean?  At these high levels […]

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Who is behind Vitae? Silvia Xicota

Silvia Xicota Our head of administration and logistics. Passion, passion and passion in the best sense. It shows that she enjoys life, people and small details (she confesses that she sometimes  gets excited when seeing a flower blossoming). Strength, energy and lots of light. FAVORITE COLOR My favorite color is blue in all its shades. […]

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It’s not a myth, the sun improves our mood

At last the good weather is here and with it that wonderful feeling of comfort, well-being and happiness that the sun’s rays provide. It is important to remember that whenever we expose ourselves to the sun, however little, we must protect ourselves and not only during the hottest months but throughout the year. However, sunbathing […]

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In conversations with a high level athlete

Practising sport is very necessary to keep our body in shape, increase our immune system and free the mind. The benefits of exercise are countless, but as with everything, there are people who enjoy it more than others. Xesc Terés, Catalan athlete,  passionate about everything that has to do with sport, and it shows when […]

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