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Polyphenols and its antiaging effect

Arnau Vilas, member of VITAE technical department , agri – food technology researcher , PhD in food science and specialist in sea ​​buckthorn talks about the antioxidant properties of polyphenols and how increasing their consumption can help us enjoy a beautiful and healthy skin . What exactly are polyphenols? Polyphenols are molecules secreted by plants under stress conditions and, therefore, can be found in nature. Plants do not need […]

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All about inflammaging or how to get a perfect skin

Cristina Tamames-Tabar pharmacists and Doctor in pharmacy and chemical sciences, conducted his doctoral thesis in a chemistry materials lab between France and Spain. As she says, the classic never goes out of style, although it is important to emphasize that natural ingredients are not innocuous. We can give an example of one of the first chemotherapeutics on the market which is a drug […]

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5 essential things that we should take into account to take care of our skin

Our technical director and head of R & D & I at Vitae, Luisa Varela, tells us about 5 essential things that we should all take into account when taking care of our skin and avoiding oxidation caused by the sun, pollution, poor diet, etc. The skin has cellular memory Our skin has memory and […]

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Why you should take an oral sunscreen to protect the skin from the sun?

We have heard countless times that the best antiaging treatment is to protect the skin from the sun 365 days a year. Japanese and Korean women are years ahead of us and they have it fully incorporated into their beauty routine. Apart from all aesthetic connotations, the skin is a symbol of health and represents […]

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Green clay face mask: a beautiful skin

Green clay applied to the skin acts therapeutically, thanks to its disinfectant, detoxifying, cleansing and soothing benefits. This mask is especially recommended for oily skin pronte to suffer from acne. Benefits for your skin o Thanks to its disinfectant properties, it helps absorb all kinds of impurities on our skin o Purifies the inner layers […]

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NADH, serine, CoQ10… How can these ingredients help you to be less stressed and anxious?

Stress and anxiety deplete the adrenal glands and stops the production of some neurotransmitters (such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine). Apart from this physiological consequence, stress and anxiety can negatively impact our well-being and our overall health, since they can unbalance different areas of our life. We spoke with Maria José Segundo, biologist, Vitae medical […]

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